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Stream Any Audio Over AirPlay With Airfoil

Many of our loyal users messaged us about Airfoil shortly after we launched. We intended to write a post on it but were busy writing about speakers and it slipped past us. I would also like to disclose that Airfoil (Rogue Amoeba) is now an advertiser on, but we were Airfoil users long before. This […]

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MOG Desktop Client for Mac OS Now With AirPlay

Like streaming music on demand? Don’t like wires? MOG, the on-demand listening service, has introduced a beta release of its new desktop client for Mac, making it the first streaming music service to offer native AirPlay support. Using the MOG application (and subscription service), you can instantly access more than 11 million songs served up […]

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AirView lets you stream video between iOS devices

AirView lets you stream video between iOS devices

The AirView app from developer Clément Vasseur enables video streaming between any iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad) running iOS 4.2 on the same local network, or from iTunes. It’s free and worked flawlessly for us. It would be great if this could stream audio to another iOS device, but all in all, it’s […]

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Stream Web Video with Webout

Webout, a light-weight web browser, allows you to stream HTML5 video (on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch) to your Apple TV. Safari will only allow audio streaming from external HTML5 videos but Webout goes a step further and allows video too. Now you can stream video from popular sites like CNN, Vimeo, NY Times, Daily Motion and […]

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AirPlayer Turns Your Mac Into an AirPlay Speaker

AirPlayer turns your Mac into an AirPlay device allowing you to stream audio and video to your Mac. It works using Apple’s Bonjour service that allows two devices on the same wi-fi network to exchange data. It’s available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Pricing is $4.99 at the app store. It’s still in beta […]

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Apple Remote 2.0 Featuring AirPlay

Apple Remote 2.0 Featuring AirPlay

Apple’s latest update to their popular remote app for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch still gives you control of iTunes to your AirPort enabled devices and now provides AirPlay and Apple TV support. In addition to AirPlay and Apple TV support, the updates include an optimized display for iPad’s large screen size and the iPhone retina display.

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