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Libratone Zipp Portable Speaker

Libratone has announced what it claims is the first and only device to deliver AirPlay connectivity without requiring a Wi-Fi network: the Libratone Zipp portable speaker.

Using the company’s new PlayDirect™ technology, the Libratone Zipp creates its own direct connection between any compatible device (such as an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or iTunes-equipped computer) making it a versatile addition to your next camping trip, beach party, or trudge through the woods. Stylish touches like a selection of fuzzy wool covers … read more >>

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Paradigm Aera Wireless Speaker

Paradigm Aera AirPlay SpeakerParadigm Electronics celebrates 30 years in the business with the addition of the Aera™ wireless AirPlay speaker to its SHIFT series of audio products.

Boasting the “fastest AirPlay setup in the industry,” the Aera speaker incorporates two 1” aluminum dome tweeters and two 4-inch composite cone woofers, powered by a Class-D amplifier to deliver 30 watts a side. A top-mounted 30-pin connector accommodates all your (non-iPhone 5) needs, and additional connection options include a USB 2.0 input, and a 3.5-mm … read more >>

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SOUL Party in a Box

Ever feel the need to subject everyone around you to your favorite tunes? The SOUL by Ludacris Party in a Box is here to help.

Party in a Box is a portable, high performance entertainment system that takes your iPod, iPhone or iPad, and makes it much, much louder. An omni-directional eight-speaker array employs dual 6.5” subwoofers, a pair of side-firing 3” mids, and four 1” tweeters to blast your music all around.

Although the Party in a Box is … read more >>

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Pure Contour 200i Air

Pure Contour 200i Air AirPlay Speaker Dock

Pure has unveiled an AirPlay-enabled audio system that packs some great features into a stylish demilune design. The Pure Contour 200i Air delivers 36W of DSP-corrected streaming music through two 3.5 inch full-range speaker drive units, complemented by twin downward firing bass ports.

You can stream music from your idevice or iTunes library over AirPlay, or extend the front-mounted dock to cradle your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad and control your music using the full function remote.

The Contour 200i …

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AQ Airplay Smart Speaker

AQ AirPlay Smart Speaker


Looking for professional sound at a consumer price point? Veteran sound specialist AQ Audio of Manchester, England is introducing a stylish and versatile solution with the AQ AirPlay Smart Speaker. Standing about 245mm (10 inches) tall, each portable speaker can be controlled from your iPhone using the Apple Remote app over your existing WiFi network.

With a 24-watt digital amp powering a pair of separate channels in each speaker, you can stream your tunes to a single AQ Smart … read more >>

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Sony SA-NS500 Portable AirPlay Speaker

Sony announced their first AirPlay speaker, the SA-NS500 at this years IFA show in Berlin.

Sony SA-NS500 AirPlay Speaker

The SA-NS500 features a rechargeable battery good for 5-6 hours of truly wireless listening time, 4 drivers and a subwoofer wrapped inside a vortex design for a full 360 degrees of sound and Apple’s AirPlay PLUS Sony’s HomeShare wireless audio streaming.

Now available at a price of $349.99 US.

BUY NOW from the Sony Store.

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iHome iW1 Available Aug 31 at 2PM EST

Yes! According to iHome, the long awaited iHome iW1 is available Wednesday, August 31st at 2PM EST.

From iHome:
“The wait is over! We’re excited to announce that the iW1 AirPlay wireless speaker system will be available for purchase Wednesday, August 31 at 2PM EST at ihomeaudio.com/iW1BC.

Due to your overwhelming response on the mailing list we expect our initial supply to sell out within the first day. Please note we will be replenishing our stock as quickly as possible … read more >>

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Philips Adds Four New AirPlay Speakers (One Portable!) To It's Fidelio Line

Philips Adds Four New AirPlay Speakers (One Portable!) To It’s Fidelio Line

Philips Fidelio DS6800W Sound Sphere

Philips adds four new models to it’s Fidelio line of AirPlay speakers.


The DS9800W SoundSphere, which we covered back in March, ships next month and costs $799. It’s a two-way powered speaker system with the tweeters hovering above the woofers. Power is rated at 100 watts. The unit features a charging dock and IR remote to control your docked iOS device and the volume.

Next is the DS6800 SoundSphere, which is a smaller version of the DS9800W. It costs … read more >>

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