Many of our loyal users messaged us about Airfoil shortly after we launched. We intended to write a post on it but were busy writing about speakers and it slipped past us. I would also like to disclose that Airfoil (Rogue Amoeba) is now an advertiser on, but we were Airfoil users long before. This post is not a sponsored one, just a long overdue one. Enjoy!

AirPlay is a beautiful thing; it frees your audio and video from your PC or Mac, and lets you enjoy them from anywhere in the house, but sometimes even those with the most comprehensive entertainment libraries need to look beyond iTunes to discover new content. And for people like us, Rogue Amoeba created Airfoil.

Now in its fourth generation, Airfoil is a clever piece of software that enables you to stream audio from your computer over AirPlay. Airfoil has earned a loyal following for its ability to extend web-based streaming audio from Internet radio sites like Pandora, subscription music services like Spotify, and even everybody’s favorite on-demand music search engine, Grooveshark! Basically, if you can play it, Airfoil can stream it. From Safari to desktop apps like Soundcloud, Airfoil streams them all. Available for Mac and for all you PC enthusiasts out there (you know who you are), there’s Airfoil for Windows. There’s also an Airfoil Video Player built into Airfoil that lets you watch video on your computer while streaming audio (in sync) to your AirPlay device. Handy for those YouTube videos.

Here’s a screenshot of Airfoil. You can see the current application Airfoil streams from (in this case Safari) and the AirPlay sources it can send audio to. You can select one source or all and adjust the volume individually on each. You’ll notice the computer is an audio source and if you have two computers on the same network running Airfoil you can send audio from one to another.

Here’s another screenshot showing the application selection screen. The great thing about Airfoil is you can stream audio from any application. If you don’t see it in the list, just select “Other Application…”, find it and start streaming.

Airfoil is a great application that makes up where Apple left off by enabling you to stream audio, over AirPlay, from any application on your computer to any AirPlay source.

Free to try, and $25 for the licensed version, Airfoil is available from Rogue Amoeba.