AirPlay Speakers Store

We’re thinking of adding a store to where you can purchase AirPlay enabled speakers, devices and more and wanted to get our users feedback on the idea.

To start, the store will showcase all the available products and provide links to where you can purchase them from, like Amazon and Apple and much like we do now, but all in one place. Down the road we would like to sell directly to you.

What would you like (or not like) in a store? Any thoughts are much appreciated.

Thanks for your help!


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  1. Can you make the mythical iW1 speaker from iHome appear? If you can get that in your store, I’m sure you could move a lot!

  2. Sounds handy as a one-stop-shop to browse & compare relevant products.

    Thorough, independent, hands on reviews would be a benefit. (Be nice for you guys too!)
    Would be good to see you build a reputation in your field like iLounge, a trusted source of honest & balanced comment.


  3. Yes! That would be an awesome idea. In order to find AirPlay speakers now, you have to Google, Amazon or check this site. I wholeheartedly agree with Nutnode. Reviews would kick this website into high gear!

  4. If you end up doing this (which would be great!), please separate your offerings by region. Coming from Europe, looking at US-only offerings would be somewhat disappointing 🙂

  5. I think a store is a great idea! Get it up soon and I’ll hold out on buying AirPlay speakers until I can buy from you!

  6. I wouldn’t go for a store. I would make a site with links to the products. Your store will be more expensive than buying at a local retailer – for sure!

  7. I would love a store or at least links (a la Consumer Reports) to make shopping easier for us non-techy folks who love Apple products. Apple makes things easier for me.

  8. Hi.
    I’m building a home and would like to fit it out with 5 x Klipsch G-17 speakers. If you can deliver to Australia and offer competitive pricing, I would gladly purchase them from you.

    Kind regards,
    Frank Di Cosmo

    1. Hi Frank, thanks for your support however the Klipsch G-17’s aren’t available until the Fall (September/October). We’re not selling directly but I’ll provide you a link to purchase when they’re available.

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