CeraAIR Two

German electronics manufacturer Ceratec has introduced a slender new AirPlay alternative: the CeraAIR Two stereo speaker.

Crafted by hand in Breman, Germany, the CeraAIR Two delivers up to 200 watts of stereo sound in a sleek, tubular form factor. The high-quality metal unit can be mounted horizontally or vertically, and inclined an additional 10° in any direction.

The CeraAIR Two can stream music wirelessly over AirPlay from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or iTunes-equipped PC or Mac, or directly over your home network via RJ-45 connection. Additional connections include audio inputs (for connecting a TV or CD player) and an output for an external subwoofer. An automatic signal-detection feature switches the unit over to stand-by mode when not in use.

This elegant, high quality unit is offered in a range of colors including anodized black, silver or gold finishes, or high-gloss black or white paint. And of course, for those with limitless resources (and plenty of rooms to fill), additional units can distribute the sound around your house as part of a synchronized multi-room audio system.

Priced at 599 EUR, the CeraAIR Two is available now from Ceratec






2 responses to “CeraAIR Two”

  1. Dave Avatar

    Nice. Only if they were about half that length and about half the price… still looking.

  2. Frank Avatar

    Completely rubbish.

    Need a airport express (supplied). Not built in type. I don’t know how it can be claimed to be AirPlay speaker.

    US$50 speaker sound quality

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