iOS 4.3 coming March 11

Apple keeps raising the bar with its latest iOS software upgrade, 4.3, for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Whats new in iOS 4.3?

iTunes home sharing

Home Sharing allows you to play your collection of music, movies, photos and podcasts from anywhere in your house without the extra step of having to download or sync to your device.

Photo App Streaming

Streaming video and playing slideshows from the Photos app is a new feature, which lets you play your favorite family and friend moments directly from your Apple device to your HDTV via Apple TV. All of this is made possible with Apple’s AirPlay wireless streaming technology.  AirPlay let’s you send your media wirelessly to your AirPlay compatible TV, speakers and devices.

Configurable iPad Side Switch

You can now configure the side switch in your settings to lock the screen rotation or mute the volume.

Nitro JavaScript Engine

The new Nitro JavaScript engine powering Safari runs JavaScript twice as fast as iOS 4.2. speeding up your internet browsing.

Personal Hotspot

The long awaited Personal Hotspot for the iPhone 4 is available in iOS 4.3. This new feature creates a WiFi network wherever you go. Share the data from you cell phone with Mac, PC, iPad or any other WiFi capable devices.

While Apple still hasn’t addressed AirPlay’s inability to stream to multiple devices from iOS, many welcome improvements are coming March 11.







2 responses to “iOS 4.3 coming March 11”

  1. Fernando Cueva Avatar
    Fernando Cueva

    Can photos from iPhoto be streamed to an iPad? If so, how? I haven’t found the way….

    1. AirPlayJ Avatar

      No, not currently.

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