iTeufel Air AirPlay Speaker

iTeufel Air AirPlay Speaker

Looking for big sound from a wireless speaker? Meet the iTeufel Air—a massive AirPlay-enabled bookshelf speaker designed by Berlin-based Teufel, Europe’s #1 direct seller of loudspeaker systems.

Drawing on Teufel’s 30+ years experience as a designer and manufacturer of audiophile and home theater systems, the iTeufel Air combines a pair of independent 20 watt two-way stereo speakers with a 130mm center-mounted 40 watt subwoofer for brilliant highs, full midrange and deep bass. A “Panorama” DSP feature helps to make those right and left channels seem a little further apart for a fuller, more spacious sound field.

The iTeufel Air is enclosed within a tapered, high-gloss lacquer shell, resting on an open-design integrated stand that gives that downward firing subwoofer a little room to breath. AirPlay connectivity supports your iPod, iPhone or iPad, and an additional AUX input on the back supports direct connection to other portable music players.

Whether you’re blasting your tunes, or making your apps more of an immersive experience, the iTeufel Air is ready to help. Priced at £429.99, the iTeufel Air is available from Teufel Audio.






2 responses to “iTeufel Air AirPlay Speaker”

  1. Pete Avatar

    Hilarious product shot in the bathroom!

    Yeah, I’m so rich that I put electronics next to the sink!

    Seriously, this has the design I was wishing for and might have the sound quality I crave..… if only they were for sale in the US and I could be sure I had a return path if it arrives DOA or sounds disappointing… And I’m still tempted to order it through a friend in the EU.

    1. Pete Avatar

      Oh, except that it has only wireless-G. At this price, it ought to have N, not because it needs to stream faster but because N has better range and reliability. And, really, at this price, it ought to have N at 5 GHz. Anyway, if I were to pay that much in the first place, I would not mind a little extra for N at 5 GHz.

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