JBL SoundFly Air

JBL SoundFly AirThe JBL SoundFly is a compact AirPlay speaker, that for some strange reason, plugs directly into a power outlet. No wire, just straight in. Perhaps JBL is trying to save costs by not including the wire any other plug-in device would normally use, but we’re really not sure.

Aside from it’s unique power delivery design, this unit offers 20 watts of power and an accompanying iOS app to aid in multiple speaker setups. Priced at $199 it’s available now from JBL.

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  1. My initial thought was that this was a piece of crap and i had to keep rebooting it to see it… but it has been rock solid for several months now and is perfect for under the cabinet in the kitchen … i just wish they’d make a slight indent so the 2nd outlet can be used by grounded (3 pronged) outlets. A two prong (US) outlet can be squeezed into the second power outlet.. but it is indeed squeezed in. Sound is sufficient but not mind blowing.

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