Libratone Lounge and Live AirPlay Speakers

Libratone Lounge

Libratone is the latest manufacturer to come out with AirPlay capable speakers with their minimalist Scandinavian styled Lounge and Live models.

The Libratone Lounge features 150W of power going to 1x50W woofer, 2x25W tweeter and 2x25W midrange speakers through independent amps. Audio enters this unit via Apple’s AirPlay or a 3.5mm miniTOS link.

You can mount these on a wall with their included wall mounts or prop them up on your desk. Available in red, grey, black or beige cashmere wool. Available now at the Apple Online store in Europe and the US from £1099, €1199 and $1299.

Libratone Live
Libratone Live

The Libratone Live is similar in style and features the same power and inputs as the Lounge. It’s a smaller unit available now at Apple Stores in Europe and the US and costs from £599, €699 and $699.

The main difference between the Lounge and Live is in the size and quality of the drive units. The Lounge is designed to fit with your TV or as a true stand alone hifi replacement. The Live is more flexible and can tuck into small spaces.

You can check them out in full detail at Libratone’s website.



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3 responses to “Libratone Lounge and Live AirPlay Speakers”

  1. Brendan Avatar

    The Libratone Live looks the the best AirPlay speaker around, but at €700 WTF!

  2. Victor Avatar

    I think Libratone live is a great-looking speaker but its audio qualities are a bit over advertised.
    First of all, there is almost no stereo separation even if you stand in front of the unit.
    Second, being a truly wire free device you’d think it would feature a battery, right? Not so.

  3. Sharda Gara Avatar
    Sharda Gara

    Jake, their designers just seem to be able to marry functionality with artistic beauty 🙂

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