Logitech AirPlay Speaker?



Great news for Logitech fans – it looks like a Logitech Airplay speaker may soon be on the way. According to Dave Zatz of, Amazon UK posted a listing for the aerodynamic stereo speaker earlier this week. This item has since been removed, but not before some intriguing details were shared.

For instance, now it seems we we can look forward to a Logitech “AirPlay speaker that looks great in any room, and delivers a big soundstage with impressively detailed stereo sound.” It looks like the new unit will use a wired power source (no rechargeable battery here), and feature an integrated dock connector/iPod charger that stows away in a hidden drawer when not in use.

Although no specs are yet available, the design seems fairly tall and wide, with a thin, elegant shape that curves gently back (leaving ample shelf space for your superhero bobblehead collection in front).

Logitech has earned a solid reputation for delivering great sound, style and reliability at a reasonable price. We look forward to learning more about this one very soon.






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