McIntosh McAire Integrated Audio System

US-based McIntosh has been crafting high-quality audio gear for more than 60 years. From powering the music at Woodstock in ’69 to making a splash at this years Concours d’Elegance, McIntosh amplifiers have earned a name for timeless design and world-class sound. So when McIntosh meets AirPlay, things are looking promising.

Featuring the timeless styling cues of its legendary predecessors, the new McIntosh McAire integrated audio system combines two 4” woofers, two 2” midranges, and two ¾” tweeters within a traditional amplifier format. The exterior is nicely finished in high-gloss black with brushed aluminum accents, removable black knit cloth grills, and a pair of McIntosh’s signature blue output meters.

You can connect over AirPlay to stream your tunes from your iPod, iPad or iPhone, or plug your idevice in via USB for a direct connection and charging. A remote control is included, or you can use the free McIntosh audio player app which nicely replicates the interface, including those slick blue watt meters.

Now assuming this sounds as good as it looks (and considering the pedigree, it seems quite likely), it all comes down to price: currently listed on uncrate at $3,000. Hmm, maybe I’ll just start with the app… For more on the McIntosh McAire, visit the product page.






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