NOCS NS2 Air Monitors

So you’ve traded your iPad2 towards a brand “New iPad” and now your trusty old portable speakers seem a little tired in comparison? Why not splash out on a stylish new set of NS2 Air Monitors from NOCS?

Combining powerful sound with purposeful good looks, these 70-watt AirPlay speakers boast hand-built rubber-coated cabinets, 3″ Kevlar reinforced woofers, and 3/4″ silk dome tweeters. Express your compulsion to stand out (or blend in) with one of six great colors: red, orange, yellow, grey, white, or black (or hey, be the first on your block to collect all six!).

NOCS is a fairly new Swedish company dedicated to making quality speakers and headphones for Apple products using “the finest materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and Kevlar” (that’s right, Kevlar! It’s not just for stopping bullets anymore).

Priced at $399 with an expected US release in late April or early May.

For more info check them out at NOCS.

(And many thanks to Nicolai for the tip!)



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5 responses to “NOCS NS2 Air Monitors”

  1. Geoff Avatar

    Anywhere to buy these in the United States?

  2. Chrispy Critter Avatar
    Chrispy Critter

    These look like my Audioengine A2’s……………identical in fact, just red. Whats up with that?

  3. ComradeGrumbles Avatar

    I also own a pair of AudioEngine 2s… and these look a LOT like them. I looked at the white ones on NOCS’ site and they look almost identical. I wonder if AudioEngine will be calling out the law on this one… especially over that front port design. I’m sure we’ll see when these are released.

    Either way… I want a pair. =D

  4. hlwimmer Avatar

    @comrade: why would you want a pair of NOCs when the audio-engine speakers that they’re modeled on are 1/2 the price?

    1. Martin N Avatar
      Martin N

      I agree that they look way too much like the Audioengines.

      But don’t you need extra adapters for a few hundred bucks to stream audio from a computer and a phone/tablet to the Audioengines? Wouldn’t that make them more expensive than the Nocs? And wouldn’t the adapters and dongles be much more ugly?

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