Paradigm Aera Wireless Speaker

Paradigm Aera AirPlay SpeakerParadigm Electronics celebrates 30 years in the business with the addition of the Aera™ wireless AirPlay speaker to its SHIFT series of audio products.

Boasting the “fastest AirPlay setup in the industry,” the Aera speaker incorporates two 1” aluminum dome tweeters and two 4-inch composite cone woofers, powered by a Class-D amplifier to deliver 30 watts a side. A top-mounted 30-pin connector accommodates all your (non-iPhone 5) needs, and additional connection options include a USB 2.0 input, and a 3.5-mm auxiliary input.

The Aera seems positioned to supplement your primary sound system by extending your music to those hard to reach areas (you know where they are). Whether serving as a stand-alone unit, secondary sound source, or part of a networked multi-unit system, the Aera looks to be another premium product competing for your AirPlay dollar.

Priced at approximately $599 US, the Paradigm Aera wireless speaker is scheduled for release in October. For more information, visit the product page.



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