Pioneer VSX-series A/V receivers for 2012

Still looking for an affordable A/V receiver to play nice with your Apple AirPlay toys? You may find it among Pioneer’s new lineup for 2012. Building on last years offerings (which included the impressive VSX-1021-K), Pioneer has introduced three new 3D-ready AirPlay-enabled receivers: the VSX-822-K, VSX-1022-K, and VSX-1122-K.

All three offer network streaming via Ethernet, built in AirPlay and DLNA support, and Bluetooth streaming (with the optional AS-BT200 $99 Bluetooth add on). Six HDMI inputs offer considerable connectivity, and the free remote app provides a bit of extra customizability and control from your i-device.

So how much is enough? Well, if all you need is 5.1 sound (and for many, that does the job just fine) the VSX-822-K ($379) looks like a solid place to start. The VSX-1022-K ($449) livens things up a bit with 7.1 channels and 1080p video processing, and for those who simply can’t make do with just one sub out, there’s the flagship VSX-1122-K ($599), which adds 7.2 processing and second-zone functionality.

Pioneer’s 2012 VSX-series A/V receivers are available now.


For more info, visit Pioneer.



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4 responses to “Pioneer VSX-series A/V receivers for 2012”

  1. Brammer Avatar

    Has the Airplay sync issue (as described in: been solved for the 2012 lineup? This issue takes the thrills out of Airplay, and it sucks that Pioneer has not addressed it accordingly.

  2. Curtis Butler Avatar
    Curtis Butler

    I would like air play speakers also that will serve as surround sound!

  3. Christian Avatar

    I’m interested in what Brammer asked. I already gut an 921, and would upgrade to an 1022, if this issue was fixed 🙁

  4. atma Avatar

    Can I add as many speakers as I want to this thing? Even speakers on other rooms?

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