Sonos Adds AirPlay Support

Sonos AirPlay
Sonos added AirPlay support in software update 3.4. You’ll still need to connect an AirPort Express to a Sonos ZonePlayer but once connected you can stream to all Sonos players.

The good people at Pocket Lint provide a nice how-to guide here.

Full details of the Sonos 3.4 software release can be found here:




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6 responses to “Sonos Adds AirPlay Support”

  1. Nic Wise Avatar
    Nic Wise

    Sounds like a total cop out. From what I know the Sonos has always been able to restream line in. I’d assumed they had added proper AirPlay.

    I’m rather glad I chose my tivoli model 2 (lounge) and tivoli pal (kitchen) and two airport expresses rather than a Sonos system …. Also around 50% of the money!

  2. Stephen Avatar

    So far, no Airplay solution does it for me.

    The Zeppelin would be fine if it didn’t have that horrible gaudy dock that will never be used. The JBL is just plain ugly. Sonos doesn’t sound very good.

    So I’ve bought the Arcam rCube instead. It uses Kleer instead of Airplay and so it needs a dongle which my dealer threw in for free. But you can still stream direct from iTunes and, unlike Airplay, it doesn’t slow your network down or drop out.

    It sounds excellent and has a rechargeable battery so it is portable like the iHome iW1 (which has the disadvantage that it doesn’t actually seem to exist).

    Works a treat with internet radio, Spotify etc.

    Expensive but worth it.,devices,portable-audio,rcube.htm

  3. Jake Avatar

    This is NOT AirPlay support AT ALL. This is a shitty work around.

    1. mark Avatar

      @Stephen. Funny comment about iW1.

  4. Sparks Avatar

    So what changed with Sonos? I was using airport and AirPlay long before this updated. What did they change, is there an easier way to do this or something (e.g. Autos elect of input source when airport turns on)?

  5. Henric Avatar

    This thoroughly blows. I wanna have a setup of 1 or 2 Sonos Play:X and my iPhone. I think they are losing so much on this, Sonos.

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