SoundScene On-Wall AirPlay Speaker

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SoundScene On-Wall AirPlay Speaker

Imagine Acoustics announced their on-wall AirPlay speaker, the SoundScene Model 1. The SoundScene is a slim wall mounted speaker designed to hang on your wall like a piece of art.. well it really is a piece of art, but one with speakers and AirPlay built in. You can choose your artwork, image or even a mirror for the front face.

Tucked neatly away are four low-profile, side firing, wide dispersion BMR drivers at 12.5 watts each (50 watts total) and a digital amplifier.

The unit is slim at 76 mm/~3″ and weighs around 8.76 kg/19.3 lbs. In comparison, that’s about twice as thick and half as heavy as a new 46″ LED TV. Price is £1300 or just over $2000 USD which includes the cost of artwork.

I can certainly see the appeal for a product like this but it’s definitely a very niche market.

For more information check out the SoundScene at Imagine Acoustics.

SoundScene Model 1 Dimensions

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