Systemline Airway In-Ceiling AirPlay Speakers. Not quite.

Systemline’s Airway in-ceiling speakers are AirPlay capable, but much like Russounds AirGo outdoor speaker they require an AirPort Express for AirPlay functionality.

The speakers (they come in a stereo pair) offer an unobtrusive design that tucks away into a ceiling or wall. The AirPort Express works with the speakers by feeding an optical cable from the AirPort Express into a supplied wall plate. Next, a CAT5 cable runs from the wall plate to the speakers. Power is supplied to the speakers from the wall plate.

Systemline Airway Wiring Diagram

Speaker control is via an iOS app.

For $948 (£599) you get two speakers, a pre-configured AirPort Express, wall plate, power supply, digital and CAT5 cables.

Release date unknown.

Check out Systemline for more info.






4 responses to “Systemline Airway In-Ceiling AirPlay Speakers. Not quite.”

  1. G Avatar

    They are not AirPlay compatible if they require an AirPort Express! Get your facts straight.

    1. AirPlayJ Avatar

      G, they are AirPlay capable with the addition of the AirPort Express.

      1. Matt Avatar

        Then it would seem any device with an audio input would be airplay compatible…

        1. Carl Avatar

          Exactly. Gee… the $20 boombox I got when I was 12 is “AirPlay Compatible” since it has a line in. Bogus. If these speakers were truly AirPlay compatible, they’d have the AirPort built in. After all… who really wants a dumb cable running from the wall plate to an AirPort Express plugged into a nearby outlet, anyway?? I certainly don’t.

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