Thank You for An Amazing Year

What an interesting and unexpected year for AirPlay Speakers. We started as a small hobby site in late 2010 but quickly grew into the largest AirPlay speaker website in the World!

While it’s a new and growing niche we’re excited for 2012 and all the new speakers, devices and even televisions (maybe) coming our way.

We wouldn’t be here without the help of all of our wonderful visitors. I want to personally thank everyone of you for taking the time to visit us, read our articles, make comments and share our information.

You can expect more in 2012 from us as we add in reviews, a forum and a store.

CES 2012 is just around the corner so we can be sure to see an onslaught of AirPlay capable devices announced January 10-13.

Happy New Year!





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  1. Jon Avatar

    You’re welcome. Keep up the great work.

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