Apple TV + iOS 6 = AirPlay Out

Apple TV may soon have the ability to give as well as receive. According to FlatpanelsHD, the latest beta version of the forthcoming iOS 6 update adds the capability to send audio from Apple TV to AirPlay-enabled speakers.

This is a nice addition–soon you’ll be able to stream tunes directly from Internet radio or your iCloud music collection directly to those second-room speakers without wires, a receiver, iTunes, or even an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Apple TV (and WiFi) does it all!

Great for streaming music to a kitchen or bedroom, but if you’re into home theater (and who isn’t), you may want to keep your receiver handy for movie night because AirPlay doesn’t support 5.1 surround sound.

Another great feature for an already amazing device, the new iOS 6 update with AirPlay out should be available this fall. Head over to FlatpanelsHD for the full story.



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  1. Sophie Avatar

    A lot of people still don’t realise the potential for streaming content over their WiFi networks. I can’t wait for everything to be connected so I can get everything all in one place (hopefully a massive new Smart TV)

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