Bose SoundLink Air

Bose has announced an AirPlay addition to its SoundLink line of mobile speakers: the SoundLink Air Digital Music System.

The SoundLink Air represents the second generation of the company’s wireless product family and along with its sibling, the SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II, should deliver even better sound thanks to improved neodymium transducers and better DSP performance, combined of course with Bose’s signature waveguide speaker technology.

The SoundLink Air features sleek styling with gloss black trim, a remote control, and a protective bifold cover that unfolds into a stand. Measuring 12” x 7″ x 4″ deep, it’s portable (although not all that compact), but for taking it on the road you’re going to need the optional rechargeable battery. And that’s where things start adding up. Priced at $349 US (plus $90 for the optional battery), the SoundLink Air offers premium sound at a premium price.

The SoundLink Air Digital Music System is available now from Bose. For more information, check out the product page at



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13 responses to “Bose SoundLink Air”

  1. Pete Avatar

    Anybody actually hear this yet?

  2. fred sixtytwo Avatar
    fred sixtytwo

    yes, it sounds great for it’s size. one of the better airplay speakers I’ve heard. the sound link bluetooth II also sounds excellent for it’s size.

  3. Kei Avatar

    Sound is great for its size but the setup process seemed more complicated than necessary. Would have been great if it could be setup from an iOS app and not require a computer. I also wish it would remember the last volume setting before it was last turned off. Every time I first use it after power on, I need to hold down the volume down button (especially late at night) to lower the volume before my neighbor complains.

  4. Air Play Avatar
    Air Play

    Yes was one of the best sounding airplay speakers I’ve heard. Especially in its size class.

  5. Peter A5/7 Avatar
    Peter A5/7

    I heard playing the A5 and A7 from B&W as well, and I would prefer B&W instead of Bose.

  6. DAZZAN Avatar

    airplay is faulty at best

    1. Dee Avatar

      Completely agree. I have this model and to be frank i rarely ever use it because it is simply too much hassle to get it to work properly. IMO i wish i’d never wasted my money.

      I have a high end macbook pro and a commercial level router. Yet this device seems to lose connection constantly. Imagine having a dinner party and the music cuts out constantly.

      Even the connection when turning it on often requires me moving the device next to the router. It really sucks that bad.

      The sound is fine, the connectivity is so bad it is simply an ornament in my house.

  7. DAZZAN Avatar

    i have two airplay speakers and i always have trouble getting them both going!!! i spent over 1000.00 on two speakers and they work once and awhile!!!

  8. DAZZAN Avatar

    as i am typing they are still not both working over 30 minutes and only one speaker working!!!

  9. DAZZAN Avatar

    beyond disapointed airplay doesn’t work consistently

  10. DAZZAN Avatar

    soundtouch app doesn’t work consistently 30minutes playing music and still only 1 speaker playing

    1. Dee Avatar


      I have the a very similar issue. They suck when it comes to connectivity. They drop the signal and the music stops. I spend more time trying to get the thing working to play the music than i do listening to it. IMO it is the last bose product i buy.

      There is zero point in a music system that is based solely on connectivity, that constantly drops out. Just garbage.

  11. Amanda Avatar

    I can not keep my speaker connected to AirPlay. The connection is lost after every song or any commercial break in streaming video. This started about 2 months ago, prior-no issues whatsoever! Any repair suggestions?

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