Denon Apple AirPlay A/V Receivers Announced


Denon Network Receivers

Denon has announced Apple’s AirPlay will be added to their 2010 lineup of A/V networked receivers. Look for product models ending in “11” like Denon’s AVR-4311CI. Exact date is unconfirmed but Denon has said it will cost $49 to do a firmware upgrade to existing, compatible networked A/V receivers.


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    1. Thanks Pat.

      FYI, the above link is for a French language site, so if you’re like me and live in a country where French is the official second language you can probably figure out what’s going on. Otherwise head to Google translate and let them do the work for you.

  1. I have the Denon 100th anniversary receiver which is capable of Airplay with an upgrade. Afters spending 2 grand on a receiver, the last thing I wanted to do was couch up more money just so I didn’t have to plug my I pod to my receiver. Well, I ended up getting the upgrade because the reminder to get the upgrade got to be extremely annoying.

    I was totally wrong. This is the best thing to happen to home music ever. I reripped my entire music collection into Apple Lossles and stream the lossless songs to my receiver. I use my ipad or iphone to scroll thourgh the library and choose the songs and the artists. I am listing to so much more music now that it is all organized and in 100 unaltered CD quality.

    1. Good to hear Ira. Understandably I agree with you about coifing up extra coin when you’ve already shelled out $2000 on a receiver but it’s worth definitely worth it!

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