iHome iW1 Available Aug 31 at 2PM EST

Yes! According to iHome, the long awaited iHome iW1 is available Wednesday, August 31st at 2PM EST.

From iHome:
“The wait is over! We’re excited to announce that the iW1 AirPlay wireless speaker system will be available for purchase Wednesday, August 31 at 2PM EST at

Due to your overwhelming response on the mailing list we expect our initial supply to sell out within the first day. Please note we will be replenishing our stock as quickly as possible and will send you notice when more become available for purchase. ”

It’s not all good news since they’ll probably sell out on the first day, but we can’t wait to get our hands on one.



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20 responses to “iHome iW1 Available Aug 31 at 2PM EST”

  1. AlaskaDave Avatar

    A free gift, what could it be?

  2. Marcel Avatar

    It took a whole year, since announcement!

    Epic Fail!

    1. Wil Acevedo Avatar
      Wil Acevedo

      Site appears to be down. Maybe these people from ihome are just pulling our strings

  3. mc Avatar

    so just (to say it the old fashioned way) hit F5 on august 30rd? or are the ones subscribed in the mailing list going to get it faster?
    i actually subscribed a few months ago, but didn’t get any mail.

    1. Michael Avatar

      Same. No email alerting me of such release date. And they said we’d get an early purchase window? This thing releases in two days… FAIL.

      God I want one so bad…

      1. ivan Avatar

        i also want it so bad… and i was in the mailing list since 2010… didn’t get any mail u_U’ and also i’m not from the USA i hope thats not a problem…. (spanish here U_U’)

        1. Thomas Avatar

          Hi, I’m from good old Europe too and signed up in 2010. My mail was caught by the spam filter. Maybe you should check yours…

      2. Matt Avatar

        Me too. I signed up back in January and haven’t received any notice from iHome. IIRC the original page said they would send either a discount code or a special gift to those who signed up for the mailing list.

  4. Peter Avatar

    With iW1 is it then possible to bring it to the park and play wireless from your iPhone to the iW1? Or do you need at Wi-fi internet connection? On iHomes page it says:
    “AirPlay works wherever there is a Wi-Fi network.” What does that mean?


  5. Peter Avatar

    Can you buy it here now (see link) to be the first one to get it? Will it ship to other countries that UK? I live in Denmark…

  6. René Avatar

    Yes! It is ordered. Can’t wait to have it in hands.

    1. Wil Acevedo Avatar
      Wil Acevedo

      I ordered through normal process but the confirmation email said the item was backorder and would ship in 3-4 weeks. What a rip off!!!

  7. AlaskaDave Avatar

    Hard to get a free gift, other than “502 Bad Gateway” when trying to place an order.

    1. AlaskaDave Avatar

      Finally got the order to take. They must be getting hit hard with orders.

  8. mc Avatar

    they blocked all customers from outside US (i even have a US shipping address), and not even with a proxy was i able to order. f** ’em , I’m going with a sonos then, if they don’t need my money…

  9. Fred Avatar

    Anyone have a shipping confirmation yet?

    1. Fred Avatar

      My order confirmation email says: “Your order is currently: Processing”…. I hope that means that it will be shipped soon.

  10. Goodgrapes Avatar

    Rather than the free gift use coupon code “rock20” for 20% off…

  11. Casey Britt Avatar

    I purchased one at 2PM yesterday and barely managed to get the order to go through due to the bad gateway. I just kept hitting the refresh on the page and after not getting it to let me check out I hit the Amazon Payment button instead to get off of their site for processing. Worked like a charm! Only downside was that Amazon decided to default me to 2 day shipping which cost me an extra $30. Good thing I used the Rock20 coupon code to get $60 off.

    My plan was to cancel that order and place another order. So I placed a second order to make sure it would go through and then got an email saying the item was backordered. My first order went through at 2:04 PM and the second went through at 2:20 PM. The order numbers were roughly 200 numbers apart. So I’d imagine that they didn’t have a ton of these things (a couple hundred is my guess?) and that they sold out in less than 15 minutes.

    I just called in to cancel my second order and she said that the speakers should ship out today. So I should have mine Monday I’m guessing.

  12. Leo Avatar

    So you ordered it from amazon and amazon only? There are no other websites?

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