iOS 4.2 Today!

iOS 4.2 Update
Looks like the long awaited update to Apple’s iOS, version 4.2, is coming out today at 10am PT.

iOS 4.2 brings with it AirPlay and multitasking to the iPad, among other things like FREE find my iPhone. Yes!

You can check out all the details here.







5 responses to “iOS 4.2 Today!”

  1. Dave Avatar

    With AirPlay can you select multiple speakers? Seem like you can only connect to one device, In my case I have multiple speakers with Expresses plugged into them and I can only check mark one speaker or iTV at a time.

    1. airplayj Avatar

      Hi Dave, it doesn’t look like you can stream to multiple speakers from iOS. The only way we found was by going through the Remote app. You can read our story here

  2. Jason Avatar

    What are the speakers being demo’d in the airplay video here?

    M-Audio is the brand, but are these actual airplay speakers?

    I am very excited to purchase airplay speakers, but the iHome model is just not doing it for me.

    1. airplayj Avatar

      The M-Audio speakers shown in the video are connected to an AirPort express unit which you can connect to with AirPlay.

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