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  • CONFIRMED: AirPlay Cannot Stream to Multiple Speakers from iOS, but there is a Workaround

      Dave asked earlier if Apple’s AirPlay was able to stream to multiple speakers (or devices) from iOS. It is a good question that we didn’t have the answer to so we decided to find out for ourselves and post our findings (including a workaround) below. Since there are currently no available AirPlay speakers, I…

  • iOS 4.2 Today!

    Looks like the long awaited update to Apple’s iOS, version 4.2, is coming out today at 10am PT. iOS 4.2 brings with it AirPlay and multitasking to the iPad, among other things like FREE find my iPhone. Yes! You can check out all the details here.

  • UPDATE: iOS 4.2 Delayed

    Looks like Apple’s release of iOS 4.2 with AirPlay was delayed due to some WiFi issues. Expect it sometime in the next few weeks. Come on Apple – we want our AirPlay!

  • Rumour: iOS 4.2 this Friday at 10am PST

    Looks like we might get access to AirPlay as soon as Friday according to an inside source at AT&T (courtesy of MacStories). Apple is planning to release iOS 4.2, a major OS update for iPhones, iPods and iPads, on Friday November 12th at 10 AM PST.