kaikuuu01 Table with AirPlay

Be the first (and only) kid on your block to swap your old-school speakers for a wireless audio table.

kaikuuu01™ combines a minimalist design with concealed audio technology to stream music via AirPlay from your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or iTunes equipped PC or Mac. The table’s glass surface produces the sound, and the only visible wire is a power cord. For those *shudder* Apple-free moments, kaikuuu01 accommodates alternative sources with its integrated AM/FM radio tuner, and an auxiliary input.

Designed by Teemu Kurkela, Martti Mela, and Päivi Meuronen, kaikuuu01 is the first in a series of high tech, style furniture from the team’s Helsinki and Berlin-based design centers. For more info, check out the product page and YouTube demo.






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  1. Tony Miles Avatar
    Tony Miles

    How do I get one of these

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