Onkyo ABX–N300 wireless speaker dock

Sometimes deploying the latest tech just isn’t enough. Sometimes you need both form and function, beauty and brains, style and substance, and what better way to convey your own unique taste, elegance and refinement than by buying and displaying cool stuff? Like the Onkyo ABX–N300 iOnly Stream wireless speaker dock.

Based on Onkyo’s decades of experience designing high-quality speakers for a range of audio applications, the ABX–N300 incorporates two 10W 6cm cones housed in independent cabinets and complemented by Onkyo’s Active Bass Control feature for consistently accurate sound reproduction at low or high volume levels.

The glossy, piano-black casing seems to hover above its sleek illuminated stand, and a matching brushed aluminum top panel slides aside to reveal an LCD display, touch-sensitive menu controls, and that trusty-old charging dock for your iPod or iPhone. The ABX–N300 connects to your home network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, and you can stream your tunes over AirPlay, listen to Internet radio, or select your songs using the top-mounted controls or the included remote. Supported formats include MP3, AAC, WAV and WMA Lossless.

Altogether a pretty classy package, the Onkyo ABX–N300 is set for a September release in the UK at approximately £300. For more info, visit the Onkyo product page.



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    is that an antenna?

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