Pioneer Elite N-30 and N-50 Networked Audio Players

Pioneer-N-50 Network AirPlay Receiver

Pioneer’s new Elite N-30 and N-50 audio players are designed to upgrade your streaming tunes to audiophile territory with high-res sound and easy access to a wide range of digital file formats.

Both the N-30 ($499) and N-50 ($699) offer AirPlay and DLNA(R) 1.5 out of the box. With DLNA 1.5, you can spice up your MP3, WMA, and AAC playlists by streaming some high res 192kHz/24-bit FLAC or WAV files from your computer over your home network. When you’re ready to branch out, you can visit vTuner Internet radio to stream tunes from more than 16,000 Internet radio stations around the world.

Both units feature a clean and elegant design with a full-color 2.5″ LCD screen that displays album art and song information up front. You can connect to your home network via Ethernet, or through an optional $149.99 wireless network adaptor (AS-WL300). While you’re gearing up with extra adaptors, you can also pick up the optional $99.00 Bluetooth adaptor (in case you’re streaming from something that doesn’t support AirPlay).

While the Elite N-30 offers a good range of features, the N-50 takes it further with a higher-quality audio output, an armored chassis (to minimize noise), gold RCA jacks, and two additional audio features—Advanced Sound Retriever and Sound Retriever AIR—designed to enhance the sound quality of compressed audio files.

Priced at $499 and $699 respectively, the Elite N-30 and N-50 networked audio players are available now from Pioneer.

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3 responses to “Pioneer Elite N-30 and N-50 Networked Audio Players”

  1. Warren Avatar

    I am not trying to be snarky here, but why does this product exist? I can already play music from my phone or my computer thru my stereo via Airplay. Why would I want this box?

    1. Yer Avatar

      Advantage of such a product is that it can much more than just playing your iTunes library: your can stream music from a NAS (and therefore shut down your computer), you can play web radios, and sometimes also convert an external digital source to analogic (like a TV or an internet box) – depending on your “stereo” system of course.
      I’m looking for such a device and would be highly interested to find a comparison between this Pionneer, a Marantz NA7004 a Cambridge Sonata and a Denon DNP-720… If anyone have ideas ?

  2. Plus Avatar

    You’re right Warren, for most of us out there, this does way more that we would ever need. This unit will enables playing WAY higher quality music files than you can access simply through itunes. Plus it has a built in digital audio converter (cad) which I would imagine in pretty high quality as compared to the ones found in low-mid range a/v units, airport express, etc. I think this is a unit for audiophiles, not for us average joes.

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