Russound AirGo Outdoor Sound Station

Russound AirGo Outdoor Speaker


Russound, a designer of multi-room audio systems, has introduced the AirGo Outdoor Sound Station: a portable, weather-proof amplified speaker with AirPlay. The AirGo speaker accommodates AirPlay streaming with the Apple Airport Express unit, which you buy separately, and then insert into a protective compartment in the base of the speaker. Once you’ve configured the Airport Express, you can stream music from your iPod, iPhone or iPad, or any Mac or PC running iTunes across your WiFi network.

Power is supplied by an AC cord, so you’ll need a nearby outlet or extension cord before you can broadcast your eclectic patio-party mashups to your deck, garden, neighbors etc. Designed as a rugged, portable addition to your outdoor space, the AirGo Outdoor Sound Station measures approximately 12″ x 12″ x 10″, and weighs just over 16 lbs. Pricing is $399 (plus $99 for the AirPort Express).

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