Zeppelin Air Available

It looks like the Zeppelin Air is available at the Apple Store. It’s an Apple exclusive meaning you can’t get it anywhere else. Price is $599.95 US and ships in 1-2 weeks. Get yours now at the Apple Store.Zeppelin Air



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6 responses to “Zeppelin Air Available”

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  2. doug Avatar

    Mine arrived today (Nashville, TN).

    1. Leo Weinstein Avatar
      Leo Weinstein

      So how is it?

      1. jason Avatar

        why always so expensive?! why not just something like 399.95$

  3. […] The JBL On Air Wireless is available at the Apple Store for $349.95. This is the second AirPlay speaker to market after the Zeppelin Air. […]

  4. Jeff Avatar

    When the first zep came out I stayed at a boutique hotel and the rooms had them. By far the best sound I have ever heard. However, the price was a bit steep. Then ap version came out and that was it. The product is by far one of the slickest and best sounding speakers bar none. I have a Bose am 15 on my main stereo and not even that system can replicate the quality coming from the zep. Occasionally the signal drops but for the most part I love the speaker.

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