AirPlay Speakers: Current Options and Alternatives

Check out the table below to see what AirPlay speakers and devices are available and what is on its way. You can sort by manufacturer, product name, availability, price, retailers, and type. Our goal is to keep this table updated so you will know what’s out there, when it’s available and how much it will cost. If you know of something that isn’t in the table please let us know and we’ll be sure to add it.

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NOTE: The table below is outdated and will be updated shortly with the latest devices. 

AirPlay Speakers and Devices

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*Release dates are not set in stone and may change.
**Pricing is collected from manufacturers, merchants and other online sources so it can vary and may be inaccurate.

Alternative 1

AirPort Express + Powered Speakers or Stereo

AirPort Express plus Speakers

Hook up an AirPort Express unit to an existing pair of speakers, as we demonstrate here, or stereo system and stream your favorite tunes over AirPlay. This is the easiest and cheapest option available. $99 US if you already have speakers or a stereo to use.

Alternative 2

Apple TV

Apple TV with AirPlay

The new Apple TV allows you to stream audio and video from your iOS device or from your computer using iTunes. It has an HDMI as well as optical out so you can hook up your home theater system and stream your music over AirPlay via the Apple TV. This is also another cheap ($99 US) option but requires a little more setup and hardware such as a TV or stereo with an optical in.

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26 responses to “AirPlay Speakers: Current Options and Alternatives”

  1. Russell Avatar

    Where did you learn that the iW1 will cost $299?

    1. airplayj Avatar

      Hi Russell,

      It’s on iHome’s Facebook page here

  2. Brandon Avatar

    Just as an FYI this tech has been around for years. I have had airplay speakers in my home now for at least two years using apple tvs and two airport express’… Also, not shown on your blog, is that the old apple tv works with airplay. It is strange that here lately everyone is making a big deal out of something that is frankly, old tech…

    1. Joe Avatar

      iOS devices only got this technology in OS 4.2, so this is something new. Being able to beam your phone or iPod music around the house is new.

    2. Matt Avatar


      You’re only half correct that AIrPlay is an old technology. It’s actually an updated version of AirTunes.

      You’re also correct that you can now use AirPlay with the first generation AppleTV but not without a special application.

    3. Nick Avatar

      I agree that the tech has been around for quite a while… I have used Airfoil and Airport Express for over 2 years and used the ATV 1 for audio streaming as well but I have to say that there is a lot more flexibility now and I think it’s more stable when taking Home Sharing into account. Never has Apple’s maxim of “it just works” been more the case. I am having a ball with my all Apple network.

    4. Dennis Avatar

      Sorry my friend that is incorrect. The old Apple Tv only works with Airplay with a hack (Remote HD). It works now, as is, with Airtunes.
      Of course the new Apple Tv (black) works with Airplay.

  3. Dave Avatar

    Taking the airport express out of the equation will be nice. My network is always dropping and I have to unplug/plug-in my express units to get this operation again. Having airtunes build into the speaker will be nice on both the wallet and for simplicity sake. I can’t image having powered speakers in a bathroom with an express hanging off the back or having to send a wire to one. But if I can have a speaker that only requires power…

    I’ve also noticed that iHome will be offering several versions of the speaker. The power only version that doesn’t have a rechargeable battery might be a nice version for the bathroom, kitchen or other tight spot.

    1. Airport User Avatar
      Airport User

      The trick is to actually not take the Airport Express out of the equation but your other wireless devices. I turned of the wireless on my Router and connected the Airport Express straight into my network. I then configured this to act as a bridge for all my wireless devices and have not looked back on this move.

      I now have the most stable wireless network I’ve ever had. Devices connect, along with my other two Aiport Expresses, without any reboots required.

  4. Greg S Avatar
    Greg S

    As a sailboat owner, I’d love a 12 V version of these speakers. That’d solve a whole slew of problems.

    1. ian Avatar

      hey greg,

      the iHome speaker is a rechargeable speaker that plugs into a dock, i don’t know how long the battery would last but it’s one way to solve your problem. Alternatively you could fit an inverter to your 12v battery, thats what i’ve done so that i can run my Mac when i’m away from shore power, hope that helps!

    2. Peter Avatar

      LOTS of electronics that are on the market these days are DC. Besides the fact that electronics actully run on DC, that allows manufacturers to just change AC adapters (or just the plug) for shipping to different markets.

      That said, most electronics use less than 12V, which means that some very easy and cheap electrical DIY work can make anything run on your boat’s 12V – google or pick up a book and learn how to step this down and you can run almost anything instead of buying overpriced boat-specific components. A friend of mine has an off-the-grid cabin that runs on 12V (solar) and she doesn’t do without very much…

      The rectifier solution will work but is an energy hog (very inefficient to go from DC to AC and then back to DC…)

      Good luck!

  5. Gazoobee Avatar

    I’ve been waiting with a fist full of cash to buy some Airplay speakers since they were first announced and I must say it’s disappointing that this is still all that’s available.

    I don’t want to replace my stereo, I just want a speaker that I can shoot tunes to. Doesn’t anyone make one that doesn’t look like a giant grain of rice or a fruit loop?

    Just a regular portable speaker that I can carry around the house and send music to. It should be a no brainer. When are the manufacturers going to step up?

    The iHome speaker would do fine, but despite all the pictures and reviews they never seem to actually make any for sale.

    1. paul Avatar

      ditto 🙁 super sad face

      i can’t believe how long the roll-out is taking, nor how awful the current selection looks.

      no ipod dock, thank you. no proprietary interface, either. just airplay, in a box i can look at (or not have to).


    2. Derek Avatar

      Apple has made it very difficult for manufacturers to get approved with Airplay, as well as receive the chips needed. If you are mainly looking for a way to stream music from your iphone or computer and don’t really need Airplay, Altec Lansing makes a very good quality Wireless speaker that is portable, and can stream music from your computer up to 300Ft. Just a thought.
      Aside from that, I’m sure all of these Airplay speakers and more will be out for the Holidays.

  6. mike Avatar

    Why are all these products so ugly?

    The airport express option imho is a no option. Whoever thought a big white brick sticking out of the wall in the kitchen with a cable underneath was a good idea.

  7. theambient Avatar

    Hi folks,

    I interested in airplay speakers to stream music around rooms when i move over them. But all the solutions i see is quite ugly or too powerful.

    Is there any devices which is connected to a net and have audio out so i can plug any speakers to it. I wish to use built in ceil speakers like

    Actually i look for airport but without routing capabilities. Just wi-fi endpoint.

    Or could anybody suggest where i can get (if exists) airplay chip?

  8. Atom Avatar

    Hi i have an iphone 4 with the latest OS,

    I would like to know if i can use airport express without haveing an internet conection (but the wi-fi still active obvs) and use the music on my iphone but not using the ‘remote’ app via a pc with itunes.

    I can use internet and itunes for set up but dont want to use them to play music as my internet conection isnt always on and i dont fancy booting the pc every time i want to play music

    Secondly with the airplay enabled devices do you need itunes on for them or is it direct from you ipod/iphone as long as they are connected through wi-fi

    1. Anders Avatar

      Haven’t tested my Apple Tv 2 / Airplay / iPad setup, without an Internet connection, but I would be surprised, if it needed an Internet connection to work. It’s just a matter of the iPad detecting the Apple Tv and then it’s an option to stream music (and video) to it. The Apple TV and iPad don’t even have to be using the same Apple-account and I don’t think that dedicated AirPlay speakers know anything about Apple accounts.

      But your other question: No, you do not need iTunes to play music to an AirPlay speaker. You can stream it directly from your iDevice to the AirPlay device. If you have your PC on with iTunes, you can install the Apple Remote app on your iDevice and remote control iTunes on your computer to have it stream music to your AirPlay speaker (or video to an Apple TV). This will save power on your iDevice, since it won’t have to stream music but only remote control iTunes.

      Usually I just stream music directly from my iPad to the Apple TV.

  9. […] je geen AirPlay Express meer te hebben. Nog mooier is dat diverse leveranciers van luidsprekers AirPlay in de luidsprekers hebben gestopt, Je hebt dus niet eens meer een stereo nodig! (die zijn er overigens wel met AirPlay […]

  10. freddrk Avatar

    et pour ceux qui vivent en France, la Freebox Revolution est compatible Airplay !

    (and for those living in France, the Freebox Revolution – an adsl box))

  11. […] that would play well with AirPlay, like the Airport Express or Apple TV? Almost everything on this list is either a speaker or a receiver, with the only devices meant to sit between the computer and a […]

  12. Brad Avatar

    I am building a new home and am investigating using Airplay to create a whole house audio system. Rather than Sonos or a similar unit, I think Airport Express / Airplay will allow me to best leverage my exisiting devices (MacBook, iPad, iPhone) and iTunes library. I want to create a whole house audio system with built in speakers with as many as ten separate zones.

    However, I am wondering if as many as 10 Airport Express units are actually supportable via the Remote App and whether they will all successfully function as separate audio zones in my home.

    Does anyone have any experience using this many? I have the ability to hard wire the units, so this will prevent wireless interference, but regardless, is this going to work??

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts or tips.

    1. Jeremy Avatar

      Use Apple TV’s instead of Airport Expresses if you want to have true separate audio zones. The limitation with using AE’s is that supposing you have one computer acting as your library, you can only turn on or off your zones, you cannot choose a different song or playlist from that library. If you wanted to play Beethoven in the Living Room and Metallica in the Bedroom, you’d need to have another computer running iTunes. With ATV’s you can turn on home sharing and using the Remote iPhone/iPad app you can play different music in each zone in addition to playing the same song in all zones. So for the same price or close to it, you get more flexibility.

    2. Mike K. Avatar
      Mike K.

      I am interested in this as well. Did you get any good information from anywhere?

  13. […] to speakers. You could also use an Airport Express connected to any AUX input on a stereo, or any of the AirPlay compatible speakers / stereo systems now on the market. If you turn on Home Sharing in iTunes, you can send any tracks from your PC / Mac collection […]

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