AirPlayer Turns Your Mac Into an AirPlay Speaker

AirPlayer AppAirPlayer turns your Mac into an AirPlay device allowing you to stream audio and video to your Mac. It works using Apple’s Bonjour service that allows two devices on the same wi-fi network to exchange data.

It’s available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Pricing is $4.99 at the app store. It’s still in beta and you can only stream from Apple approved apps like YouTube. Still very cool.





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  1. Gdub Avatar

    I don’t think you understand what Airplayer does – it’s a DLNA client for the iPad/iPhone. It lets your iPad/iPhone connect to compatible DLNA servers (PS3, Win 7 Media Server, Twonky, etc), browse the library and watch/listen to photos/video/audio. It has nothing to do with Apple’s Airplay technology AFAIK.

  2. Guy Avatar

    So, is there an app that enables you to select any computers (or iPods/iPhones in speaker docks) as an audio destination within iTunes.

    So that this window ( will also list my various Macs and iPod/iPhone speakers around the house.

    THAT would be awesome.

    Love the optimism of this site.


    1. airplayj Avatar

      Hi Guy,

      Thanks for loving our optimism!

      AirPlayer lets you stream from an iOS device to your Mac but that’s as much as we have seen. Hopefully *fingers crossed* Apple updates AirPlay soon to make you and everyone else’s AirPlay dreams a reality.

  3. Guy Avatar

    Hi again,

    How about AktiMate Maxi.

    Are these a contender? There’s a pair in a local hifi shop but I haven’t had time to test them.


  4. eeprom Avatar


    DLNA isn’t Apple AirPlay. Get your shit straight.

    – eeprom

    1. macnative Avatar


      if ya read carefully, that’s wht Gdub trying to say. The app the writer mentioned have nothing to do with Airplayer as it’s more of a ‘DLNA client’.


  5. macnative Avatar


  6. saveram Avatar

    What I’ve gleaned from the conversation is that the AirPlayer app uses DLNA rather than AirPlay technology to stream media.

    The devices serving-up the media to AirPlayer on the iPhone/iPad also use DLNA technology.

    So, the author’s discussion of the AirPlayer app in the context of AirPlay isn’t really germane to the topic of AirPlay technology-enabled devices and apps.


  7. john Avatar

    Their is a cool app for macs called airfoil that allows you to select apple tv’s and computers to play to. I think airfoil should make an app to let you stream to computers as well as apple tv’s. They already have the technology on the mac might as well go all the way. Check it out

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