So now that you’ve gotten your hands dirty with AirPlay, and are eagerly awaiting the first AirPlay enabled speakers to roll off the production lines, what do you want to see AirPlay do that it doesn’t already do?

To help you get started here is our wish list below:

  • Allow streaming to multiple devices (including speakers and displays) from iOS.
  • Allow streaming from any music or video app to any AirPlay enabled device in iOS or OS X. For example, I want to be able to watch a YouTube video on my Mac and stream the audio to multiple speakers. I want this to work in Safari since it’s my favorite browser but why stop there? Have streaming from Firefox and Chrome. And, to add to that, I want to be able to stream video and audio from my web browser to my TV.
  • Have a 3rd party manufacturer create an AirPlay streaming device, just like AirPort Express, that I can hook up to an existing, non-AirPlay enabled speakers or stereo system, that costs less than $30.

So what is on your AirPlay wish list? What would you like to see AirPlay do for you?

Add your responses in the comments below 🙂