iHome iW1 AirPlay Wireless Speaker


iHome iW1

iHome recently updated the page for their new rechargeable AirPlay enabled speaker dubbed the iW1.

iHome’s iW1 features AirPlay which lets you stream digital lossless audio over Wi-Fi from iTunes. Control is via a backlit capacitive touch panel. You can have multi-room ability with multiple units and portability thanks to a built-in rechargeable li-ion battery and carrying case.

The iW1 also features iHome’s Bongiovi Acoustics DPS studio series speakers and Class-D amp, iPhone/iPod docking and it works with iHome+apps for easy network setup, device control and firmware updates.

Pricing is $299 US when it hits retailers early 2011.



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11 responses to “iHome iW1 AirPlay Wireless Speaker”

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  2. Adam Avatar

    Looks like it’ll cost $299, and they won’t be out in time for Christmas.

    See Giz and the iHome Facebook..

    1. airplayj Avatar

      Thanks for the update Adam!

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  4. a-tom Avatar

    far to expensive!

    1. airplayj Avatar

      If you think that’s expensive, check out the Zeppelin Air!

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  7. Joe West Avatar
    Joe West

    Any defenite release date for iw1 yet?

      1. Alan Avatar

        J.M. you must be kidding. This thing can be had for $200 in Europe and in the US.

        It was listed as $499 on the website you gave. What’s the rip off in Australia?

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