iHome AirPlay Speaker Series: iW1, iW2 and iW3

iHome just released two new models to it’s AirPlay speaker lineup ahead of CES. The iW2 and iW3 join the iW1 as the latest iHome AirPlay speakers.

The iW1 is the flagship with the iW2 and iW3 featuring the same minimal design, but instead of a capacitive touch panel they use good old fashioned buttons. The iW2 and iW3 do not feature a rechargeable battery and instead plug into an AC outlet.

The iW2 looks like a smaller version of the iW1 while the iW3 has a square, tall design. Wi-Fi, Ethernet ports, USB inputs and auxiliary inputs are shared between the two units.

Pricing is expected to be around $200US with a launch in summer or fall of 2011.

[Via iLounge]