Zeppelin Air from B&W


Zeppelin Air

We heard it was coming and now it’s official. The beautiful Zeppelin Air AirPlay speaker from Bowers and Wilkins has launched.


The Zeppelin Air is a premium AirPlay speaker. It retains the classic Zeppelin shape but is completely redesigned on the inside.

B&W boasts “it’s the best sounding iPod speaker ever produced” and we might have to agree considering the specs:

  • Proprietary digital signal processing (DSP)
  • Digital to analog converters (96kHz/24bit DAC)
  • Active 2.1 system featuring 2 tweeters, 2 mid-range drivers and 1 woofer individually driven by dedicated audiophile class D amplifiers.
  • 4×25 watts, 1×50 watts
  • Flowport for better bass at high volumes
  • Glass fibre filled ABS back panel for superior rigidy and support
  • Optical in for studio-quality 24bit audio
  • USB input

It’s now available for $599US (free shipping!) at the Apple Store.

Or Amazon.

You can check out the Zeppelin Air in more detail at Bowers and Wilkins and buy yourself one at the Apple Store.


11 responses to “Zeppelin Air from B&W”

  1. Chuckie Avatar

    I hope they will offer a version without the doc.

    I’ve been keeping an eye on your blog and am glad you finally have some news to report. Great work!

  2. T Avatar

    I heard that the Zeppelin Air will just replace the existing Zeppelin, and that it will remain at the $599.99 price point. Can you confirm this or is it really going to cost $750?

    1. airplayj Avatar

      Hi T,

      I can’t confirm that. If you have a source we could dig a little deeper? Since B&W completely redesigned the inner workings of the Zeppelin Air they might move that into the Zeppelin but I would imagine they’d have two different models, the Air and non-Air.

  3. jeff mccay Avatar
    jeff mccay

    It will cost 600.00 for the new unit. The old one will be phased out.

  4. Nutnode Avatar


    I am in the UK & have registered my interest for the Zeppelin Air Air with B&W previously.
    This morning I received a promo mail inviting me to ‘be among some of the first’ in the UK to experience the device (along with a few thousand others!)

    This experience takes place in Bristol at the ‘Sound & Vision Show’ next week at which B&W have a booth. Entrance fee to the show is additional, but, for anyone in that area already planning to attend, this might be useful info

    Cheers & keep the reports coming

    1. airplayj Avatar

      Thanks for the heads up Nutnode! Do you have a link for this that you can share?

  5. rudyo Avatar

    This is already shipping! I ordered yesterday from the US Apple store and initially it said shipping March 11, but I got an email today saying it has shipped and will arrive via UPS by March 2nd!

    1. Greg landesman Avatar
      Greg landesman

      I was wondering if you could help me I just got an air zep love it. Was wondering why I can’t dock my iPhone and why it won’t charge when I put it on the dock. When I put it on the dock it just plays through the iPhone speakers. Is that because I’ve set it and my iPad to steam and can no longer use it to play through the dock. Any help would be appreciated

      1. admin Avatar

        Have you tried pressing the button on the remote to switch between AirPlay and dock mode? In dock mode the LED will be blue while in AirPlay mode the LED will be purple.

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