AQ Airplay Smart Speaker

AQ AirPlay Smart Speaker


Looking for professional sound at a consumer price point? Veteran sound specialist AQ Audio of Manchester, England is introducing a stylish and versatile solution with the AQ AirPlay Smart Speaker. Standing about 245mm (10 inches) tall, each portable speaker can be controlled from your iPhone using the Apple Remote app over your existing WiFi network.

With a 24-watt digital amp powering a pair of separate channels in each speaker, you can stream your tunes to a single AQ Smart Speaker, configure a pair as left and right speakers, or deploy multiple units around your house and garden for an immersive listening experience.

Appropriately enough for a wireless speaker, a built in rechargeable battery frees you from power cords (and battery replacements). According to AQ, each speaker can perform for up to 10 hours between recharges in AirPlay mode, or up to 30 hours when connected directly via line in. An auto power-down mode preserves your battery life further by shutting down the speakers when not in use.

We’re looking forward to checking these out. AQ Audio has a long history of delivering professional sound on a grand scale; an AQ Smart Speaker could be a great way to bring big sound home in a stylish, portable package.

Priced at $289 in the US, and £199.95 in the UK, the AQ Smart AirPlay speaker is scheduled for availability in November.


2 responses to “AQ Airplay Smart Speaker”

  1. Brendan Avatar

    What I want is something like this, perhaps a tad bigger, but with no battery. To save costs and because I will never be moving or unplugging the speaker, and I don’t want the battery to die as as result. If the battery dies the device dies, and/more costs.

  2. Mark Avatar

    Sadly, I bought one of these. Wow, what a huge disappointment. While unboxing the quality looks high but unfortunately thats as good as the experience gets.

    The audio quality is mediocre (at best) with too much bass and limited highs and it’s not particularly loud. Surprisingly, for a newly introduced product, the WiFi doesn’t support 802.11n and It randomly loses the connection.

    Terribly overpriced for the poor performance and obsolete connectivity. If it cost $100 per pair I’d still be disappointed. Overall, just a dreadful piece of electronics.

    BTW, the app is not available on the app store at this time.

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