iHome iW1 Quick Start Guide

It looks like iHome might be getting ready to launch their iW1 soon. This is only speculation, but we found a Quick Start guide for the iW1 on the iHome site. You can view it here.
iHome iW1 Quick Start guide

The Quick Start guide shows you the various inputs, status lights and controls. It also shows you what’s included with the iHome iW1: charging base, power adapter, usb cable, remote and iW1 speaker. Plus it takes you through the setup, playing music, various controls, apps and troubleshooting.

We’re trying to get in touch with iHome to see when exactly their iW1 is released. No response yet but we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

This looks like a nice portable AirPlay speaker and hopefully it performs better than the JBL On Air which has seen less than best reviews.






15 responses to “iHome iW1 Quick Start Guide”

  1. W Avatar

    If these speakers produce some decent sound, I’m definitely getting them. Not too large, no iPod dock using up space or driving up the price and as an added bonus, they even work wirelessly. Let’s hope they’re available some time soon!

    1. W Avatar

      Wirelessly as in battery powered 😉

  2. Dantron Avatar

    I’ll be buying at least 2 of these. Been waiting since the first announcement for them!

  3. Ivan Avatar

    I recived The following email to my question when will the iw1 will be hitting stores:

    We are hoping iW1 will be available early in Q4 (October in stores)

    So i dont undertand :S, i hope it is a mistake or something…


    1. AirPlayJ Avatar

      Thanks Ivan. We hope it’s a mistake too!

  4. Chad Avatar

    I’ve gotten a few replies from iHome. The last two have said “Summer”. That’s it. No detail. My latest reply was from about two weeks ago.

    1. Mike Avatar

      Yeah when I wrote them they said they hoped to have them in this month (i.e. June). Kind of running out of time on that one!

      1. Mike Avatar

        Just a heads up, emailed them again and they said they ran into a few delays in production but have a new target date of September 15th. Here’s hoping!

        1. AirPlayJ Avatar

          Thanks Mike. The wait is so long, they better be worth it!

  5. Chris Avatar

    I want to use in the park on the beach etc. with my iphone and spotify so I won’t have a WiFI network, or at least only an ad-hoc one.

    Do you think it will support this scenario?

  6. zebrab Avatar

    I e-mailed them a week or two ago (their press office), and the response was that they will publish it in September. Give it a try, they responded (very brief, via IPhone) within an hour or so…

  7. David Avatar

    The full manual is up on their site as well, although the product itself is just listed as “Available Soon”

  8. mehdi Avatar

    the page got updated
    i guess we will be able to order soon

  9. Bd Avatar

    A representative responding to my email said the iW1 would be released in July. Honestly, I think it is rather disingenuous and ridiculous to announce a product in January that is not available for half a year. I wonder what in the world is taking so long. All the technology has been in place for, what, 5 years?? Take one Airport Express, one set of powered speakers, and one battery — combine!

  10. Marcel Avatar

    This is really annoying. They announced this product a YEAR!!! ago. I subscribed for the newsletter and received since then numerous e-mail with other products which I am not interested in at all!

    Epic Fail!

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