Were you one of the first to get your hands on the long awaited iHome iW1? Please let us, and our visitors know, by posting your first impressions in the comments below.

Here’s a few comments from our visitors moved and reposted here. Thanks to Casey Britt, Dan and Bd 🙂

Casey Britt 02. Sep, 2011 at 8:23 pm
So I just got mine in. The “free gift” is a portable iPhone speaker in a zipper case. Pretty awesome!Anyway first impressions are that the speaker isn’t exactly the highest fidelity I’ve heard, but it sounds quite good. I got it up in and running in a couple minutes. The iHome Connect app on my iphone got hung up trying to change the name of the speaker though. Tried wandering around my apartment and it seems to get pretty good reception. Even got reception up on my roof which is part of the reason I wanted this speaker. Sup party speaker!
Dan 03. Sep, 2011 at 1:47 am

Got mine an hour ago. It’s beautiful and sounds pretty great. The way it just lifts off the charger makes it truly transportable from room to room. The volume is not independent of the iPhone as far as I can tell. The bass is pretty impressive. I haven’t used it with a direct connection, only AirPlay. I also haven’t used my iMac to send music, but so far it works really well. I’m excited. The free gift was a nice bonus. A battery operated or ac line zip up speaker with dock. I inadvertently got the paisley skull pattern, but I’ll take it. Any questions ?

Bd 03. Sep, 2011 at 1:50 am

I arrived home tonight to a nice box from iHome. The iW1 set up was a breeze with the iphone app — you find your wifi and enter a password just like you were joining a network on the iPhone.

The iW1 immediately appeared in my iTunes speakers menu, and we’ve been listening to great music all night on our porch. The porch was always the one place in the house that our wireless, full home, music network never reached. I’m very happy.

As noted above, the free gift is an iP37 portable system for the iPhone/iPod. Pretty nice free gift. (I actually thought the 10% off coupon I received with my order was the promised gift.)

The sound is very good, although in a naked-ear, side-by-side test, it is not as good as an Airport Express running Bose Companion powered speakers. But moving the Bose to the porch would be a two-plug, three-component, many wire affair — so that never happened!

I’m very impressed with the touch controls on the iW1′s top. You have to be sure to set your iTunes to accept control from remote speakers, however, to get the pause/forward/back buttons to do anything. There is also a nice remote control for the iW1 (which I don’t recall being included in the initial announcement nearly a year ago). It also enables pause/forward/back control of the iTunes feeding the iW1. It also can control volume (as can the touch control top), as well as base/treble/etc. So far, I like being able to use the iW1′s remote to control volume and skip undesirable songs, rather than having to pull out the iPhone, enter my lock code, launch Remote app, wait for it to connect, and make the change to the music.

Finally, the Airport Express in our kitchen (driving the Bose Companions) always drops the music when we run the microwave. I tested the iW1 in the same spot — no dropping.

It took iHome far to long to bring this to market, but in my first night with the iW1, I am very happy. Incidentally, I was told that the delay was caused by issues from Apple, so maybe the delay was not such an epic fail by iHome as it appears on its face.

P.S. I too encountered the “bad gateway” when trying to order. I found that by hitting the back button and re-clicking the “continue” (or whatever) button, it would eventually work.

I received a prompt e-mail from iHome confirming the order (2:20 on the 31st).

I received an email notice of the UPS shipment at 3:30 yesterday, and the box arrived today.

Very good service and one happy customer.

Did you get an iHome iW1? Are you happy with it? Was it worth the wait? How is the sound? How is the battery life? Leave answers to those questions and more in the comments below.