New AirPlay Speakers from Pioneer

Pioneer Europe has announced a range of new AirPlay-compatible speakers to accommodate your wireless home and garden listening needs:

• the compact, entry-level XW-SMA1
• the larger, higher powered XW-SMA4
• the splash-proof XW-SMA3 (with rechargeable battery)

All models feature wireless connectivity through AirPlay, Wi-Fi, and DLNA. An auxiliary input accommodates your old-school music players, while a USB port supports a direct digital connection (and charging) for your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

All versions incorporate two 3-inch mid-range drivers, a 1-inch tweeter and a central bass reflex port, while the larger XW-SMA4 adds an extra tweeter and a 4-inch subwoofer for deeper bass. For transporting your tunes from the bathroom to the poolside, the splash-proof XW-SMA3 offers a water-resistant casing and a rechargeable battery supporting up to five hours of indoor/outdoor AirPlay antics.

Color options are limited to black (for all three), or an optional white finish for the XW-SMA1 and XW-SMA3 models. Priced at £250 (XW-SMA1), (£300) XW-SMA3, and (£350) XW-SMA4, Pioneer’s new AirPlay trio should be available by September.

For more information, visit Pioneer Europe.






One response to “New AirPlay Speakers from Pioneer”

  1. Sebastian Avatar

    I warn everyone of purchasing Pioneer, since their AirPlay implementation is notoriously poor.
    It is a lag of a few milliseconds at best compared to other airplayunits playing simultaneous. At worst, running AirPlay makes the whole unit reboot.

    Until these issues are felt with, go for other brands!

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