Philips Adds Four New AirPlay Speakers (One Portable!) To It’s Fidelio Line

Philips Fidelio DS6800W Sound Sphere

Philips adds four new models to it’s Fidelio line of AirPlay speakers.


The DS9800W SoundSphere, which we covered back in March, ships next month and costs $799. It’s a two-way powered speaker system with the tweeters hovering above the woofers. Power is rated at 100 watts. The unit features a charging dock and IR remote to control your docked iOS device and the volume.

Next is the DS6800 SoundSphere, which is a smaller version of the DS9800W. It costs $499 and doesn’t come with a dock.

The DS8800W is a one piece device featuring 2×15 watts of power. It costs $399 and is AC only.

The DS3881W is a one piece portable device featuring 16 watts of power going to four drivers. It has a lithium ion battery and uses induction charging through a magnetic tabletop base. Cost is $329.

Lastly is the AD7000W. An AC only unit with 10 watts of power going to two full range speakers. Cost is $229.


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