Here they are. The first AirPlay speakers of 2012!

Samsung just announced the DA-E750 Audio Dock with Vacuum Tube Amplifier and the DA-E670 Audio Dock for Apple devices and Galaxy S smartphones.

DA-E750 Audio Dock with Vacuum Tube Amplifier

Samsung DA-E750 AirPlay Speaker Dock

The DA-E750 claims the title of first AirPlay speaker dock (and Samsung’s first speaker dock) with a vacuum tube amplifier. The DA-E750 consists of a hybrid system that uses the vacuum tube as a pre-amplifier and a digital source for the power amplifier. According to Samsung, this allows for richer sounds in a small, more energy efficient form factor.

The DA-E750 supports Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPod and iPad) and Galaxy S smartphones with its dual-docking structure. You can stream audio wirelessly through Apple’s AirPlay, Samsung’s Allshare and good ol’ Bluetooth. In addition to wireless sharing you can connect through an analog composite input or USB.

Sound is heard through a 2.1 channel setup with built in subwoofer all cranking out 100 watts of wine glass rattling power.

When in operation the DA-E750’s vacuum tube glows softly and “accentuates the sleek, high gloss wood finish” of the system.

DA-E670 Audio Dock

Samsung DA-E670 AirPlay Speaker Dock

The DA-E670 is Samsung’s second AirPlay speaker dock. It is a compact dock supporting Apple iOS devices and Samsung Galaxy S smartphones. Sound is heard through two speakers and an integrated subwoofer with a total of 40 watts of power.

You can connect your devices wirelessly via Apple’s AirPlay, Samsung’s Allshare and Bluetooth or cable it up through an auxiliary input – hurrah!

You can expect to see these devices at CES 2012, January 10-13. We’ll add in price and availably as soon as it is announced.

[Samsung via Marketwatch]