Marantz Melody Media AirPlay Music System


Marantz Melody Media

Marantz’s first AirPlay system, the Melody Media, provides Apple’s AirPlay via an optional (paid) firmware upgrade.

In addition to AirPlay the unit features a CD drive, AM/FM, internet radio streaming from services like, a USB hookup to connect your iPod directly as well as an ethernet and wi-fi connection.

All your music is pumped out through 120W (2x 60W) of ear tearing terror.

Unlike Denon’s D7 this baby comes in white and black. Yes!
Marantz Melody Media AirPlay Music System


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6 responses to “Marantz Melody Media AirPlay Music System”

  1. Max Avatar

    HOW MUCH WILL IT COST?! this is all so cool but there is only so much a consumer is willing to pay for the ability to sit on one side of the room and play your iPhone / iPad on the other.

    1. airplayj Avatar

      Hi Max, pricing is expected to be around $800 US with the AirPlay upgrade. //

  2. Linda Avatar

    i already have apple tv and wonder if i will need a receiver or will the speakers automatically accociate with my Apple TV. There is an airplay option on my Apple TV already.

    1. airplayj Avatar

      Speakers with AirPlay will automatically associate with your Apple TV.

  3. […] but there is no word on what they will look like, arrival dates or pricing. Marantz has their Melody Media system on its way and is releasing firmware to update their existing network receivers to enable […]

  4. Apple Repair Store New Orleans Avatar

    I bought one and absolutely love it! This is the way to go for Airplay!

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