Philips Fidelio AD7000W/37 AirPlay Speaker

Philips Fidelio AD7000W/37
The Philips Fidelio AD7000W/37 AirPlay Speaker is now available. The AD7000W/37 was first announced in June along with three other models.

The AD7000W/37 is a compact AirPlay speaker. It features Apple’s AirPlay, an iOS dock and Aux in. There’s a Class “D” digital amp and 5-band equalizer to keep your tunes optimal while they’re playing through the two full-range 10W speakers.

This is the most affordable AirPlay speaker on the market at $199.99 / £180.00 so it’s sure to be a hit this holiday season.

BUY NOW at [m_geocountry locations=”US”] Amazon [/m_geocountry] [m_geocountry locations=”CA”] Amazon or Apple [/m_geocountry] [m_geocountry locations=”GB”] Amazon [/m_geocountry]


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  1. Got mine today (in Germany) but laughed. Software is on a Mini CD-ROM which a MAC can not load! Philips, think twice!

  2. Great little speaker. Quality sound but had to return mine because it couldn’t connect to my network. Tried everything and spoke to tech support twice. No luck. According to Phillips they’ve had similar complaints. Real shame but I bought it for Airplay so back it went.

  3. It is really good, but I hate that it destroyes my ears with the starting volume that is very very loud… Can’t find a way to change either… Thats my only con.

  4. Had mine now for a few weeks and faultless performance. Love it and simplicity of AirPlay. Highly recommend.

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