Sharp DK-KP95P Slim Micro Audio System

Sharp DK-KP95CC AirPlay Music System

Apparently Sharp took time out from mopping up the drool in front of its monster 80” 3D LED TV at CES to introduce its new DK-KP95P Slim Micro Audio System.

At 25 watts a side, this stylish, slender number shouldn’t keep your neighbors up, but friends will doubtless be impressed by those sliding vertical CD doors. (Go ahead, make that Trek sound as you do it – you know you want to…) The DK-KP95P offers a top-mounted dock/charger for iPhones and iPods, and a USB connection for iPads.

A 3.5mm audio input accommodates your other portable players. The CD player is compatible with MP3 and WMA files, and you can navigate your playlist using the text display. And of course, AirPlay is supported, along with DLNA WiFi streaming for MP3 and WMA playback.

Priced at $329.99, the DK-KP95P Slim Micro Audio System is available now from Sharp.



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