iHome iW2 Coming Soon?

iHome iW2 AirPlay SpeakerOne of our readers, Todd M., pointed out that an iHome iW2 has shown up on The listing was removed, but now it’s back! To add to that it’s available for preorder at Future Shop with an expected ship date of December 16, 2011. We might see these in time for Christmas.

To refresh your memories, the iW2 was iHome’s second AirPlay enabled speaker. As you can see from the picture it’s a similar form factor to the iW1, but it lacks the portability since it’s an AC only unit. It also uses regular buttons instead of the capacitive touch panel.







8 responses to “iHome iW2 Coming Soon?”

    1. admin Avatar

      Thanks Steve. Looks like it’s back!

  1. Giles Avatar

    I don’t get why the button are non capacative and why the battery was removed .. seems like a step backwards .. not that these features are massive detriment for me.

    I want speakers for home to create a multi room system through my wifi using itunes.

    What other choices are there ?

    1. admin Avatar

      It’s just a different (and cheaper) model than the iW1. If you want a capacitive touch panel and rechargeable battery go for the iW1. For more choices check out our chart showing what AirPlay speakers are available.

  2. Willtard Avatar

    I am not finding any information about the iHome iW3 release date. Has anyone heard anything

  3. Steve Avatar

    Hmmm… the FutureShop pre-order pages have mysteriously been pulled.
    Starting to look like the iw2 is not ready after all (?) 🙁

  4. Tyron Avatar

    Looking for something that can AirPlay and connect to a LED monitor. Have Apple tv in rooms with TV’s.

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