Updates: iHome, Sony, Libratone Speakers Available and Current Options

iHome, Sony and Libratone AirPlay Speakers now Available

Current AirPlay Options Living Chart

Lastly, we want to announce our AirPlay Speakers: Current Options and Alternatives Living Chart. This chart lets you can see all the different AirPlay capable speakers and devices. It shows you expected release dates and pricing for upcoming items as well as where to buy available ones. This is a living chart so we’re always updating it. There’s a link in the sidebar so you can easily find it. If you know of something that isn’t in there please let us know so we can add it.

Happy AirPlaying!



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6 responses to “Updates: iHome, Sony, Libratone Speakers Available and Current Options”

  1. Carsten Avatar

    I Just want to thank you guys for this website. It`s the best i know and you have all the overview over all the airplay systems out there. Thanks!

    1. admin Avatar

      Thanks Carsten! Good to hear 🙂

  2. Kees Avatar

    nothing yet on European iW1 availability?

    1. admin Avatar

      I would keep your eye on the Apple Store in your country. It will probably show up there first.

  3. acltd Avatar

    my iPhone 4s shuts down my time capsule when connected to iw1. iPhone 4 and iPad 1 have no problem. home is listing this as a known issue.

    does anyone NOT have any problems with their iPhone 4s and iw1?

    1. SnwbrdB Avatar

      I’m having problems with a 4s/time capsule/iW1 as well. It will stream no problem for anywhere between 2 and 90 minutes before eventually getting the flashing red light on the back of the iW1. It kicks off then rejoins about 30-60s later. More often it is after 5-10 minutes. Any ideas?

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